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27 Oct 2016 19:13

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Hello, friends today I am here to tell you about a super cool app i.e. iTube apk. this app is so useful and convenient when we talk about watching online videos and download videos.It is very popular nowadays.This app gives you features of download youtube videos and streaming youtube videos at better speed rather than youtube official app.Besides these things, this app also gives you some additional features so as to attract users.The developer of iTube apk adding new features regularly due to high demand in the online world.You will see so many apps which are providing these features .But this app is giving too many features that is why there is no match of iTube apk nowadays.Actually , you can fully customise this app according to your interest.Only one thing you have to do is just download and install this cool app on your phone.This app can save time and money.You do not need to sit in front of your TV .You can watch any show,movie,video,news,cartoons,sports content etc.on your phone with just a single click.This app also shows you trending videos nowadays and show you list of top 10 videos of today.Moreover,you can stream live videos at higher speed because developers worked hard to increase the streaming speed of iTube apk.So, you can stream videos without buffering.Mark videos as the favourite and watch them later is also a big feature of this app.In this feature, you can choose any video and mark it as your favourite and watch it later.

iTube Apk features -

There is no single feature of this app but there is a big list of its features.A big list of good features is the reason that the iTube app is on top nowadays.No other app in this category could beat iTube app up till now.To use all these features you have to download and install this app first.Having high demand of iTube apk all the features are seeming less that is why developer are adding new features time to time.Features of iTube apk are as follows .let's check it out.

  • You can access tonnes of videos and other stuff.
  • You can mark your favourite videos as the favourite and watch it later.
  • iTube provides you the feature of download youtube videos on a single click.
  • It provides the feature of download any video in any format and resolution.
  • Even you can download any video in mp3 format.
  • it provides high-speed streaming speed.
  • Users can make their own personalise playlist.
  • Users can download multiple videos at a time.
  • You can play online videos in the background.
  • Users can play,pause,rewind, the videos while watching them online.
  • Download And Install iTube apk

Download iTube Apk -

One strange thing about this app is that this app is not available on google play store.But do not panic .It is very simple to download and install iTube apk.I m gonna tell you about how to download and install iTube app further.Let’s see the simple and easy steps to download iTube apk.

  • Firstly,download iTube apk from here(link plz).
  • Go to setting>securiy>allow unknown sources.
  • Open you file manager and look at that downloaded file.
  • Hit install and click on open.
  • Sign up into the app or skip this step .
  • Enjoy this app.

First of all, I must say thanks to you for visiting this site and reading this article.Sis tried to write in as much as possible I could write in simple language for your convenient.However, if you have any doubt or problem regarding iTube apk then you can leave your message below in the comment box.

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